Hometown Series: Lahore, Pakistan

Guest Post:

I belong from Lahore, a city located in North Eastern End in the province of Punjab in Pakistan. It is capital of Punjab. Lahore is considered most famous country of Pakistan. Lahore is mostly famous for its food. People of Lahore are called Lahoris and they love to eat food.

In Lahore you can find almost all sorts of food starting from continental to desi food (Pakistani food), very similar to Indian food. Some of the most famous spots for desi food in Lahore are located in the famous food street in the inner city. Cuckoo’s den and Andaz restaurant serve delicious food. They are located in the rooftop of historical buildings which gives you the true flavor of Lahori food with some beautiful views of the famous Badshahi mosque and Lahore Fort.

The inner city Lahore has some of the most historic places that people from all around the world come to visit. The famous Badshahi Mosque and The Lahore Fort are also located in the inner Lahore. These historical buildings are built by The Great Mughal Emperors in 1673.

Lahore is also named as The City of Gardens. Many gardens were made in Lahore during the Mughal Era. The Shalimar Garden, Lawrence Garden, Race course Park, Gulshan Iqbal Park, Iqbal Park, Model Town Park, Jallo Park and Changa Manga are some of the most famous and visited parks in the city. Changa Manga and Jallo Park are manmade forests.

Weather in Lahore is usually hot most of the year; winter only falls for couple of months starting from late November till February. The average temperature in summer is 45 degree Celsius.

Lahore is major tourist destination in Pakistan. Apart from historical buildings and places, Lahore has the most amazing shopping centers and malls where you can get a wide variety of items for everyone. Traditional Pakistani clothes can be bought from Icchra and Anarkali, there you can find local items at fair price. Liberty Market, MM Alam Road and Fortress Stadium are famous for shopping centers, plazas and malls. Gulberg, DHA, Johar Town, Iqbal Town and areas around it are called Modern Lahore. MM Alam road is the most commercial road in Lahore. This road is famous for restaurants offering all kind of delicious food from all around the world. Café Aylanto, Freddy’s Café, Café Zouk, Yum, Butler’s Chocolate café, Nandos, Salt n Pepper Village and CTC are some of the most famous restaurants on this street, which offer best quality food.

Emporium Mall in Johar Town, Packages in DHA and Fortress Square Mall in Fortress are the most famous malls in the city. They got products of famous brands from all around the world.

There are sightseeing tourist buses arranged by Lahore Tourism Board. Lahore Wagha Border is another great place that should be marked on the checklist to visit. Wagha border is marked as a border between India and Pakistan. Every evening there is a border closing ceremony performed which tourist come to see. A visit to Lahore will be missed if you haven’t witnessed this ceremony. There is a cheering crowd on both sides of the border and it’s a wonderful experience.

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